Thursday, June 24, 2010

Offferings | Day 1

Total of exchanges today: more than a 100. We started with: a scarf, a pucca doll, a vibrator, a sardine can, a brats doll, 2 wigs, a massager, a necklace, a lemon timer, an unfriendly rubber hand, 2 rubber ducks, sunglasses, a lantern. We ended up with: lots of pins, a ring, a ticket for Lisbon's trams, lots of candy, some post cards, 2 pens, a flower, some cookies, an unfriendly rubber hand, a nail polish and many new friends and exchanged contacts. Today's biggest hits: everyone loved the unfriendly hand, but nobody took it. Pins were a huge success and so were postcards. People loved our rubber bands, even though they weren't inside the bag.
Ready for day 2 at #offf.

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